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About Girls Dead Monster
Girls Dead Monster is a growing guild in Tera and FFXIV. We started off as a small group of friends on the Celestial Hills server in Tera. We had decided we were done with joining guilds of "individuals." To us the point of a guild was to have fun with friends, and help one another any way we can. And just as we intended we will continue to be a guild of growth, expansion, and without judgment or prejudice to other players. As we grow and utilize our site more we will begin hosting runs, raids, and events. We are always accepting new and adventurous members. If you're interested in joining  PM: Tabane, Kiitva, or Shiori. Applications can also be submitted on the site. Remember, there's no point in playing if you can't have fun, laugh, and enjoy yourself!-Masami ^^
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GDM Love Contest Submissions & Winners Announced!

by Skipandsunny, 129 days ago

We had three submissions for our GDM Love Contest and those would be from Aka, Kii and Myself :3 So, seeing as how we're all officers and the contest wasn't really meant for us, we're all winners :p


We had a lot of fun coming up with our submissions and we hope to do it again at some point in the future ^^



Submissions (Continued in Next Two Posts)

|Kiitva | TERA |

  Kiitva is my main. Priest. First character I ever made on Tera (: 
I joined the guild back in January 2013, it was still p2p back then! Hesako was the one who got Vek (my boyfriend) & I into GDM. We were leveling together and came across Hes who in turn ran us a dungeon a few times for gear. And was super nice, explaining some things.
  We joined right after. And i'll never leave ^^;
GDM is like a little (now big) family to me. You're all my friends, even if we don't speak so much or have different timezones. Everyone is helpful, active and friendly.. And this is what makes me aim to stay a part of GDM no matter where we go or what game we are playing. 
  The friends I've made are the ones who keep the game fun and i'll never be able to repay the kindness, patience and support you've all given me. GDM is more than just a random guild in an MMO. It's a great group of people who will be there when you need them, even if it's just to talk.
  My picture is a representation of the guild's 3 founding GM's and my bf and I's characters. This is how i started in TERA, and this group has grown and expanded but i only had so much time to draw stuff T_T (sorry i couldn't include everyone & this is why there are no details.. ahem). I decided to draw the group who founded GDM as, without them, GDM wouldn't even be here! I appreciate each and every little thing these 3 have done for the good of the guild, putting their time and patience into building it into what it is today. 

*I had done it on a transparent background but it looks poopy on the site lol. to see the other versions here you are; CLICK TO SEE LARGER IMAGE.

white bg;

blk bg;

transparent bg;



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