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About Girls Dead Monster
Girls Dead Monster is a growing guild in Tera, FFXIV & more. We started off as a small group of friends on the Celestial Hills server in Tera. We had decided we were done with joining guilds of "individuals."
To us the point of a guild was to have fun with friends, and help one another any way we can. And just as we intended we will continue to be a guild of growth, expansion, and without judgment or prejudice to other players. As we grow and utilize our site more we will begin hosting runs, raids, and events.
We are always accepting new and adventurous members. If you're interested in joining  PM: Tabane, Kiitva, or Shiori. Applications can also be submitted on the site. Remember, there's no point in playing if you can't have fun, laugh, and enjoy yourself!-Masami ^^

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GirlsDeadMonster Guild ACTIVE on AURA KINGDOM

by Akarri.chan, 147 days ago

GirlsDeadMonster Guild ACTIVE on AURA KINGDOM!!!

wisper  Akarrii or Kiitva for invites everyone!!
With many GDM trying it out to play, I made the final decision to create a GDM Guild.



If you make a char an want to play -and join the Guild
Please post a time or character name you might be online and we will do our bests to get everyone invited into the Guild.

Its a baby guild :3   and needs growing!!!

Come join us!!!


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