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About Girls Dead Monster
Girls Dead Monster is a growing guild in Tera, Aura Kingdom & more. We started off as a small group of friends on the Celestial Hills server in Tera. We had decided we were done with joining guilds of "individuals."
To us the point of a guild was to have fun with friends, and help one another any way we can. And just as we intended we will continue to be a guild of growth, expansion, and without judgment or prejudice to other players. As we grow and utilize our site more we will begin hosting runs, raids, and events.
We are always accepting new and adventurous members. If you're interested in joining  PM: Tabane, Kiitva, Akarrii, or Shiori. Applications can also be submitted on the site. Remember, there's no point in playing if you can't have fun, laugh, and enjoy yourself!-Shiori ^^
Please be sure to read the rules and guidelines or ask a GM/Officer if you have any questions!

For any serious inquiries that need you to reach a GM/Mod, please PM them on site, reach them through a given means or PST them ingame.

*Events are scheduled under EST unless otherwised noted.

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Vent for GDM

by Pawsies, 34 days ago

Vent for GDM is now up and running.


This is a free service. All you need to do is download the client.

Vent is a voice program used to make a chatroom type area for guilds to hangout and socialize. There is no need to talk if you don't wish, but you're welcome to listen.

Info is located on the right sidebar.


Password should be     gdm   


Thanks to Fire.Bound!

If you'd like to donate to keep it up & help out with costs use the donate button specified for the vent on right sidebar.

Let's make the purchase worth it, and use this service. You guys asked for it!!


If there's any issues, let us know.


Have fun ^^



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Off Hiatus

by Pawsies, 81 days ago

Hi everyone!

I'd like to officially announce that GDM in Tera has come off hiatus.

It's been a little while now and many members are trickling back in. We are also always accepting new members.

*For recruitment info please check here.

For the moment, we are accepting all alts until the guild numbers rise enough again that we need to make room.

I did a purge a little while ago --so if you or an alt were removed, feel free to apply in-game and be re-added. Nothing personal, we just needed some room.

Purges will happen (with a week's  as much notice as I can give) so please make sure to log into your characters every once in a while! Normally, we keep everyone active in the last 5 months or so.

This is an exciting time as we can play and experience the latest patch together.

I look forward to seeing everyone in-game.


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